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Mia Belly Dance Houston

Houston's Premier Belly Dance Performer.
A mysterious and enchanting International Belly Dancer in Houston, TX.
Ideal for all events and parties seeking a touch of class and elegance.
Mia Belly Dancer Houston

Performing regularly in Houston and surrounding areas.
Belly Dancing and all other forms of dance has been a lifelong passion. This fascination with the dance Arts came from early in childhood, where theater gave Mia an outlet to express herself in ways few others could.

Belly dance (also known as Oriental Dance) is a Western term for a traditional Arab dance genre known as raqs sharqi. Belly dance, as an authentic Middle Eastern art form can only be achieved through years of training and self dedication. Described as charismatic and sensual, her boundless energy engulfs the audience and imposes an aura of delight.

There’s more to belly dancing than looks and moves. Individual belly dance moves can easily be learned and raqs sharqi customs purchased; a true belly dancer must excel in musical interpretation, emotional expression, stage presentation and the subtle nuances of Middle Easter culture.

Mia is available for belly dance Performances and workshops in a variety of subjects and locations such as restaurants, clubs, private parties, weddings, cultural events, and corporate functions.

If you are unfamiliar with Belly Dance, or have a pre-conceived notions because of the popular 'myths' surrounding this ancient, sacred form of should know that the dance is, indeed, sensual, but, my shows are always 'family oriented' and have no elements that can be considered 'risqué' or bawdy.

All audience members, men, women and children are encouraged to participate through the show making your special event an unforgettable experience that everyone will enjoy!

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